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The aim of this conference is to gather the highest number of PhD students in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the Paris area, from all doctoral schools and laboratories.

This conference is multi-topic, and will be the right place for PhD students to discover new horizons and learn about other fields than their own. Scientific discussions and sharing of knowledge are welcomed and encouraged. All along this three-day meeting, we will be pleased to welcome renowned researchers and speakers, such as:

Jérôme Perez Vincent Minier
Jean François Clervoy Paul Egré
Cyril Petit Etienne Pariat
Julien Grain Jérome Aléon
Pierre Lesaffre

A complimentary buffet will be served on the final day, to be followed by a celebration event.
The organizing committee is composed of PhD students from the PhD school of Astronomy & Astrophyics of Ile-de-France. The conference is open to all PhD students working in the field of Astronomy&Astrophysics in any laboratory and PhD school of Ile-De-France.